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Andy Cleeves

A former World IAKSA, Irish Open and WAKO British Champion who has witnessed the on going change in Sports Martial Arts over the last 20 years. Since competing in in every major competition across Europe Andy believes he firmly understands what a fighter wants from a competition. His considerations stretch from the demands of the highest level competitor through to that of a newer competitor and their supporters. He aims for the Bristol Open to be the UK calendar date for all. "We aim to create a platform in the UK that rivals that of any major European competition. We are not focusing on what we already have in the UK but chasing the most rated competitions in the World as our intial bench mark. We promise to constantly reinvest turnover, experience and time to ensure our event grows year on year. We learn from the past but always look forward as we take suttle steps to improve every element of our competition as we grow".

Andy is the co owner of a large martial arts school as well as a commercial gym. He draws on his vast events experience including MMA fight shows, successful night club promotions and currently runs the biggest white collar boxing event in the UK. With a degree in business and marketing he certainly knows how to get "bums on seats" whilst facilitating both the sustainability and  development of all the commercial elements that ensure a successful event . "I have been part of a team that over several generations have spent many years travelling the world enjoying a wonderful sport. Now I want to be able to give back by making sure that the Bristol Open is at the core of UK sports martial arts evolution. I don′t attend to receive support from all the friends and associates we have built up over the years but instead want to create an offering that any serious fighter, coach and sports martial arts fan can′t refuse".


Sean Veira

Both a legendary fighter and coach. Sean has not only won every major sports martial arts competition but he has also produced a string of exceptional fighters that have followed in his foot steps. He heads up one of the most consistent teams in the UK and is at the core of the WAKO GB coaching team. Sean says "I believe that both my personal success and that of my team of fighters is largely to do with our focus to evolve, adapt and move with the times. I am constantly looking to learn and improve our training methods".

Sean is a lover of all the arts and associated disciplines. He is a true traditionalist and holds guardian status with the BKFA. He is known worldwide for his fitness and conditioning ethics and has always led his team from the front.     

Sean combines his wealth of martial arts experience with his success in the business world. Being the director of an established security company he is a veteran in events management. His ability to manage the floor and effective problem solving is an exceptional strength in our management committee. "My main focus is effective event management. I believe fluidity is essential to growth and the complete experience of all our fighters and spectators is my highest priority". 


Sharon Gill

Sharon is a high level competitor through and through. She has been rated as the most accomplished female fighters of all time. She has been part of and won every major competition for over 20years and her consistency is respected by many. If any one knows the pitfalls and expectations of a competition that′is Sharon. She has witnessed change and development and is very keen to pour her knowledge into the Bristol Open offering. "For me fair play with good refereeing and effective match making are the essential ingredients to getting to Bristol Open right".

Sharon is a personal trainer and martial arts instructor. She lives and breathes what she does and is always in tip top condition ready to fight and inspire her students and clients. Sharon manages back end administration during the event and handles all draw sheets. There is no one more experienced to get this job right. "I have a personal goal to promote all of the great female stars of our sport. I feel I know what a fighter expects and work with the rest of the committee to ensure the Bristol Open exceeds all expectations".