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Fighter Interview: Youri Van Hove - WAKO Belgium

20 Sep 2014

What brings you back to this years open?

I think this is one of the better tournaments after the summer. And it has the possibility to grow to the biggest one. Also it provides all of the best fighters of the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. But the main reason is that it is a tournament organized by fighters for fighters.

What comps have you competed at this year so far and how are you rating?

I’ve been to the Irish Open, Austrian Classics and Dutch Open this year. A little bit less than the previous years. For me the best result was the Austrian Classics. I’ve got 2 times a 3rd place in -84 and -89. The other tournaments gave me also a good feeling. I’ve lost each time in the quarter finals with close defeats.

Finally, who do you see as your main competition in your division and open weight at this years open?

It’s very hard to say who are the best in each division because the standard is getting higher each year and there are more fighters on those levels. But I think for my division you still have to consider McMenamy, Moradi and Brundl as the guys to beat, if they are present. I also believe that these guys will be main contenders in the Open division together with many others.