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Fighter Interview: Elijah Everill - Top Ten UK

21 Sep 2014

This year I have competed in the Athens Challenge where I won individual sections in points and continuous along with the 13-15 years old open weight and 13-15 team event with my friends Bobo and Robi from Bulgaria.

I then went to Croatia to compete in the Karlovac Open (WAKO European Cup) winning 3 golds from my points and continuous sections.

Next was the WAKO British and I won 4 golds 2 x points, 2 x continuous and qualified to go to the wako worlds later in the year.

The Irish Open was the next competition, where I won 3 golds, 2 x points, 1 x continuous in the seniors. After the Irish open was the Dutch open where I won 3 golds from points and continuous sections. After the Dutch open, i competed in the international German Open and I won 3 golds from points and continuous sections and me and my Top Ten team mate Tom Evans took the Kiraly team (Kristian and Laszlo) to sudden death just missing out in the team event in the final, then I had all summer to prepare for the WAKO Worlds and I won 3 gold medals, points, continuous and the team event in an all GB final!

I have been going to the Bristol Open ever since it began, the changes Ive seen are incredible, the event for the last few years has attracted lots of world class international fighters which makes the standard of the tournament very high.

I always attend the Bristol Open every year for a number of reasons, firstly the people that run this event (Team Bristol UK) are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and they know how to run a fantastic tournament. Secondly, I love going because you know that you are going to get some amazing fights with international competition and thirdly, one of my favourite things at the Bristol open are the tag teams which are great fun and very competitive!

My main competition?! There are so many great fighters at the Bristol open and whoever steps on the mat in front of me at that moment is my main competition, I cant wait for the Bristol open this year, and just like previous years, its an event not to be missed