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Bristol Open Team catch up with rising GB female star Shannon Ryan

01 Sep 2014

Can you let the Bristol Open fans know what competitions you have entered and your results this year so far?


This year, I have won the Watford Open, WAKO British, 2X Irish open, 2X Austrian Classics, 2X Yokoso Dutch Open, Best Fighter World Cup, 2X CIMAC World Cup, 2X White Tiger Challenge and soon to be the Bristol Open along side the Flanders cup!


What types of training do you carryout leading up to an international event like the Bristol Open?


Training up towards international events where the level of competition is at its pinochle point I look to first of all up my cardiovascular fitness through running, followed by wearing down my muscles to the point of fatigue in resistance training in order to gain strength. After the foundations have been done I look to sharpen up through regular live and relevant points fighting drills with regular sparing with team renegade.


What do you think of the Bristol Open events over the last few years?


I think that the Bristol open events over the past years have flourished as well as grown dramatically with the amount of international competitors as well as standard, I feel the event is one of the best on the Calendar; especially within the UK. And still has more to offer!


Who do you see as your main competition at this year’s event?


My main competition at the Bristol open is Bev Sturzaker of NSKA, without a doubt shes the one to beat at this year’s event.